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Urban agriculture as a basis for human flourishing and sustainability transition in Norwegian cities


Module 1

In which ways can UA initiatives enhance the quality of life in a contemporary city based on the capability approach? How to valuate the quality of UA interventions in public based on the capability approach?

Module leader: Beata Sirowy

In this module we will (a) investigate in which ways UA interventions can enhance the quality of life of urban dwellers (the primary, secondary and tertiary users of public space), based on the capability approach. More specifically, we will investigate what types of human ‘functionings’ (‘beings and doings’, i.e. various states of human beings and activities that a person can undertake) can be enabled by UA interventions in public space. Based on this, we will (b) propose a framework for a non-reductionist valuation of public space, addressing multidimensional quality of human life. This framework will be applied/ tested in subsequent empirical studies.

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Methodologically: This module is based on critical literature review and analytical reasoning.

Projects within Module 1

Cultivating public space is a project funded by: