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Urban agriculture as a basis for human flourishing and sustainability transition in Norwegian cities


Module 3

In which ways the existing UA initiatives in Norway influence the quality of life of their users and social dynamics in compact city neighborhoods in Oslo region?

What are the unaddressed potentials of UA in improving the quality of life in Oslo region, based on the theoretical discussion (Module 1), international experiences (Module 2), and a dialogue with Norwegian project users?

Module leaders: Katinka Horgen Evensen, 
Anna Marie Nicolaysen

In this module, we will conduct participatory action-oriented case studies in Oslo, investigating how the participation aspect of UA contributes to increasing quality of life. This module will focus on capabilities such as practical reason, affiliation, and control over one’s environment (as referred to in the theoretical approach of the project), which we hypothesize to be enhanced by participation in UA. Further study of primary users’ perceived health benefits of UA will be explored with regard to building of capabilities, especially with focus on the relation and interaction with nature.

Voksenenga nærmiljøhage
Foto: Pernille Leivstad

Methodologically: The participatory case study will be based on action research strategies (Greenwood and Levin 2007), using workshops gathering the project primary users and other relevant actors (public sector, private sector, non-governmental organizations). The module will be built around the master’s programme in agroecology at the Department of Plant Sciences IPV/NMBU, winner of the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research’s educational quality award 2016: This master programme educates candidates for facilitating participatory change processes in complex real-life settings using action research strategies, as described above (Lieblein, Breland, Francis, & Østergaard 2012). The master programme will use UA cases in Oslo relevant for the project, and the students will contribute to this module, in collaboration with the researchers. Master students in public health science will also participate, making it a transdisciplinary venture.

Projects within module 3

Cultivating public space is a project funded by: