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Urban agriculture as a basis for human flourishing and sustainability transition in Norwegian cities


Module 5

How to successfully integrate UA in compact city development in Norway in terms of landscape architecture/ urban design solutions and functional program?

Module leader:
Deni Ruggeri, Arild Eriksen / Fragment, collaborator: Melissa Murphy

Most often, UA initiatives are temporary, emerging from the grassroots, with limited input from landscape architects In order to better integrate UA in mainstream urban development we need innovative, visually appealing, permanent yet adaptable solutions, responding to the needs of communities and the environment in which they are embedded. To address these demands, this project will elaborate a vision of urban agriculture for selected public spaces in the Oslo and Akershus region, and make preliminary design proposals based on the vision and state of the art knowledge created by the project team. More specific areas will be identified in cooperation with the project’s user panel. The point of departure for this module will be insights from modules 1-3.

Illustration: Fragment

Methodologically: This part of research will take on a PAR –Participant Action Research approach, unfolding through a series of workshops and an interdisciplinary course at the Department of Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning, ILP/NMBU. We intend to involve landscape architecture and planning students and other relevant actors (including local NGOs, such as Gaia:agenda) to contribute best practices and novel strategies for integrating UA into urban public space. An expert panel of international partners will also help identify and synthesize design strategies and solutions to the challenge of integrating food production through UA in our cities. While our primary focus will be on urban design/landscape architecture solutions, the project will also seek to address plant selection/types of produce, in cooperation with our team members from the Agroecology Programme at NMBU. The outputs of this module is envisioned to be a starting point for future pilot projects and will likely provide the necessary knowledge for communities and agencies interested in establishing new UA efforts.

PDF - module 1

Projects within module 5

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