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Urban agriculture as a basis for human flourishing and sustainability transition in Norwegian cities


Module 6

How to successfully integrate UA in compact city development in Norway in terms of participatory processes for change? What is the vision for UA projects in Oslo? What are hindering and supporting factors for democratic integration of UA in public space? How can we develop participatory plans of action for developing UA?

Module leader: Anna Marie Nicolaysen

In this module, we will conduct a participatory action-oriented case study in Oslo, investigating the change system for development of urban agriculture. This module will therefore have a dual purpose, (a) developing knowledge about the change processes and (b) supporting actual implementation of urban agriculture as the project is carried out. We will develop a vision for urban agriculture in Oslo (or specific public spaces within Oslo), identify supporting and hindering forces of a transition toward the vision, and action plans for change to be carried out. The inputs from the case study will allow us to grasp the local dynamics of the system of change and incorporate tacit, situated knowledge of local challenges and potentials in the strategic recommendations.

In this module, we will also include investigations of practical “know-how” related to maintenance, plant production, and types of produce necessary for public space urban agriculture. For this specific plant sciences knowledge, IPV holds expertise within the plant sciences and have extensive networks into the practice field of plant production.

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Methodologically: The case study will be based on action research strategies (Greenwood and Levin 2007), using participatory workshops gathering the project primary users and other relevant actors (public sector, private sector, non-governmental organizations). As in module 3, the seminars will be built around the agroecology master’s program. The workshops will include vision seminars, and force-field analysis to identify hindering and supporting forces for change, and planning. There will be two workshops each year of the project.

Projects within module 6

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