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Urban agriculture as a basis for human flourishing and sustainability transition in Norwegian cities


Module 8

In which ways can UA initiatives enhance the quality of life in a contemporary city based on the capability approach? How to valuate the quality of UA interventions in public based on the capability approach?

Module leader: Beata Sirowy, Deni Ruggeri

This project’s outcomes will include (a) a set of principles for the integration of urban agriculture in public spaces (b) a set of recommendations for policy makers, planners, and developers, on integration of UA in urban development in Oslo/Akershus. The recommendations will be linked to planning landscape architecture/urban design processes, functional programs, and maintenance interventions. These recommendations will contribute a knowledge base for public and private sector’s urban development actors in Norway to establish innovative UA projects integrated into the fabric of our cities. The findings will be also relevant for international research community working with sustainability of urban development.

Foto: Vitenparken Campus Ås

This module will synthesize the outcomes of modules 1-7, and supplement them with insights from participatory workshops involving a range of stakeholders, from international partners to members of the expert panel, and local actors from private sector and civil society.

1The RUAF Foundation is a leading international centre of expertise in the field of (intra- and peri-) UA and City Region Food Strategies.

Projects within module 8

Cultivating public space is a project funded by: